Thirty Minutes on Me

Because outer world success doesn't have to come at an inner world price.

Since 2013 I’ve worked with men and women in over 17 different countries including lawyers, CEO’s, Wallstreet traders, hedge fund managers, entrepreneurs, members of the entertainment industry and more. I’m not a psychologist or a counselor and I don’t talk to people about their problems.

So what do I do?

I understand how the mind works. How our behavior, desires, and drive are rooted in the mental and emotional subconscious programming we carry. I’ve had massive success in my life (to the tune of a $330 million tech acquisition) and know how success, failures and the way we feel come down to more than just work habits and college degrees. (click here to learn more about Nick)

Inner success is a fundamental part of getting anyone from where they are to where they want to be. I use leading edge tool to dig up and clear out the inner barriers you don’t even know you have. The lifelong shifts my clients experience are big, and they happen fast. I’ve been told more than once the work I’ve done with clients saw greater results in three weeks than they’d gotten in ten years of therapy.

Every month I gift a handful of 30-minute power sessions to men and women who want big change. Individuals who feel stuck under a glass ceiling and want out. People who feel stressed, burnt out or overwhelmed with life. People who feel sick of the same old thing in their career or relationships and struggle to break free. People who may have it all on the outside, but just can’t feel good on the inside. Men and women who are tired of the struggle and just want to feel inner peace, be satisfied, and happy.

If this sounds like you. If you’re ready to dig in and find out exactly what subconscious patterns you're carrying that are getting in your way, let’s chat. I'll help you uncover your blocks. I'll talk about some leading-edge tools. I'll show you how quickly and easily you can shift from where you are to where you want to be.

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